UserForm form – MultiPage form in Excel VBA

Insert MultiPage tabs into the UserForm form

MultiPage Bookmarks are pages of our application, between which the user will be able to pass. On each page you will see other elements and content of the application. To insert bookmarks into our UserForm form, we should choose the MultiPage control from the ToolBox. Our application should have two pages. By right-clicking on it, we add another page by selecting “New Page”. Then click ” Rename ” and changenames for our websites. These will be: Netto for Gross, Gross for Net, About. When changing the names, you can also insert a shortcut key of the page and the content that will display to us in the form of hints on the cursor over the tab.


What we can do next is to insert Label labels , TextBox text boxes and CommandButton command buttons . Let’s do it in the following order:

  • We’re entering the Gross net bookmark
  • from the available controls in the ToolBox window, select 2 TextBox text boxes, 2 Label labels and one CommandButton command button
  • We edit the properties of our labels in the Caption field . Let’s change the names to “enter net price” for the first label and “gross price is:”
  • When entering text fields, check if the upper text field is definitely TextBox1 and the bottom text is TextBox2. We will use these names when programming the application
  • After inserting the CommandButton button, we also edit its properties. Change the value in the Caption field to “Calculate”

Similarly, we put controls on the “gross on net” page. Let’s check if TextBox3 is at the top of the application and TextBox4 is below. We insert Label labels. We change their names. The first label should be named “enter gross price”. The second label “Net price:”. The command button in the second tab is CommandButton2.

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