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Excel VBA course - VisualBasic Editor elements

VisualBasic Editor in Excel

1. VisualBasic Editor – Introduction The VisualBasic editor will be the basic tool that you will use in this course. In order to take full advantage of the VBA option on your computer, you should start with: Unlocking the Developer tab in Excel Enable macro operations 2. How to enable Developer tab in Excel? The […]

Excel VBA How To - VLookup VBA Function

How to use VLookUp function in VBA Excel

1. VBA VLookUp – How to match rows? Do you want to match Excel records in VBA? VBA in Excel gives you the possibility to use the sheet functions. VBA VLookup is very important spreadsheet function. To use vLookUp function, refer to the worksheet functions using command Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup. Let’s create two simple tables in Excel by the following pattern. Tables will […]

Excel VBA course - Basic activities in Excel VBA worksheet

Basic VBA operations in Excel worksheet

How to use VBA in Excel worksheet It’s great that you’ve already reached this part of the VBA Excel training. In this chapter we will discuss in detail the possibilities offered by the VBA in the Excel worksheet. If you are wondering how to write a program that will do certain actions for you in […]

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Excel VBA Shell – How to control programs from Excel

1. CMD Shell in VBA Excel – what it is and how to use it In this article you will learn how to control other Windows programs from Microsoft Excel. If you are trying to perform any action in Windows using Excel, all of these actions are used by the Windows Command Shell, so called. command line . The […]

VBA Arrays – Extended information

1. VBA tables – information for advanced users I assume that if you are reading this article you have previously read the basic information about VBA tables , which I wrote about in this article:  VBA arrays. In the article you are reading you will learn more advanced information about VBA tables. These are functions that you use on the boards, how […]

Error handling in Excel VBA

VBA Error handling – How to use it? In this article you will learn what VBA error handling is and how to use it efficiently. In VBA, as in any other program writing errors appear. They may result, among others from the incorrect syntax or logic of the program. Errors that may occur in VBA can be divided into: […]

Excel VBA conversion functions – How to convert variable

VBA conversion functions – Description. How do you change the data type in VBA Excel? In this chapter you will learn all the conversion functions in Excel VBA . When writing programs in VBA, you will often encounter a situation in which you will have to change the format of the data. The direct cause here can be the discrepancy […]

Arrays in VBA Excel – Basics

What are tables in VBA Excel – VBA Arrays In this chapter of the VBA course you will learn what VBA tables are and how to use them in data analysis. VBA tables are containersfor storing data of the same type in an organized manner. We can refer to each element of an array using its indexed address. Arrays can also be compared to […]

VBA Add-ons – Creating Add-ons in Excel

How do you write an Excel add-in in VBA? Creating a simple add-on in VBA Excel is primarily about writing a good VBA macro code. In this chapter you will learn how to install such a macro as an Excel add-in. The add-on will consist of two macros: Macro 1 – opening the file saving window and […]

UserForm – ComboBox in Excel VBA

How do you insert the ComboBox combo box into the UserForm form? The combo box is already known to us. We got to know them while creating the application for entering data . Due to the fact that the field inserted in the UserForm form is programmed in a different place, we will create an example in which we […]

UserForm form – MultiPage form in Excel VBA

Insert MultiPage tabs into the UserForm form MultiPage Bookmarks are pages of our application, between which the user will be able to pass. On each page you will see other elements and content of the application. To insert bookmarks into our UserForm form, we should choose the MultiPage control from the ToolBox. Our application should have two pages. By […]

UserForm – Building an application in Excel VBA

How to build an application in Excel VBA using the UserForm form In the last part of the course we will deal with the creation of a short application using the form. As in the case of the previous application, we should write down the basic requirements based on which our application will operate:: Our goal […]

Introduction to UserForm in Excel VBA

What is VBA UserForm  The UserForm form is a form that works under Excel that allows us to create visually developed applications. You can add more types of controls to the UserForm form than to the data sheet. From the controls of the UserForm form, we can distinguish primarily: Label label TextBox text field ComboBox combo box […]