Excel VBA Tutorial

Last Updated on November 16, 2020 by token

VBA course in Excel Online

If you want to learn how to program VBA in Excel, you’ve come to the right place. VBA online training is the best way to learn programming without spending hundreds of dollars on paid courses. The VBA Course is prepared for both beginners and intermediate students.

If you are programming at an advanced level, you can treat this VBA Tutorial as a good repeat. I evaluate the duration of the VBA  course for 2 to 4 days. The Excel VBA course, although it is made available for free, has a high value. If you like this VBA course, leave a comment or share it as part of the feedback. Good luck !!!

Excel VBA Course topics:

  1. Introduction to VBA in Excel
  2. Visual basic Editor in VBA Excel 
  3. How to write first program in VBA Excel
  4. Introduction to macros in Excel VBA
  5. Basic VBA operations in Excel worksheet
  6. VBA MsgBox window in Excel
  7. VBA InputBox window in Excel
  8. Cells and fonts formatting in VBA Excel
  9. Excel VBA variables
  10. Excel VBA constant values
  11. VBA data types
  12. VBA operators
  13. VBA Functions
  14. IF THEN ELSE statement
  15. Select CASE statement
  16. VBA LOOPS: 
  17. Excel VBA ActiveX Controls:
  18. VBA add-ons – creating Excel add-ins
  19. VBA arrays
  20. Error handling
  21. Excel VBA Shell – How to control programs using Excel

Did you pass the VBA course and what now? Congratulations and I invite you to view examples of code written in VBA. Everything you can find in this section: VBA Examples.