Operators in VBA Excel

Types of operators in Excel VBA

In our scripts we will use both arithmetic expressions and use logical expressions. For this purpose, we will be able to use operators in Excel VBA, we can divide them into 3 groups:

  • arithmetic
  • logic
  • comparison.

VBA operators: arithmetic

Arithmetic operators serve as the name suggests the implementation of actions math. When creating a procedure containing mathematical operations, it may also be necessary to use parentheses. We write them in the standard way: “()”.


Operator Name Example
+ Addition
* Multiplication
/ Division
\ Sharing without rest
^ exponentiation
mod Modulo (the rest from sharing)
+ and & Adding strings


As you can see, the “+” operator can also be used to connect strings to each other. For the same purpose, we can also use the operator: “&”, an example of which is described below.

If we want to use the minority and majority operators in relation to letters, the procedure will return true or false depending on which place the given letter occupies the alphabet.


VBA operators: comparison

Comparison operators are used to compare selected data. Their description and application example are below. Using the following construction, the result will be True or False each time.

Operator Name Example
= equal
<> uneven
> = Bigger than
<= Smaller than
> Bigger
< Smaller

VBA operators: logical

The basis for a good script is correctly logic. We will use logical operators to save it.

Operator Name Example
and Conjunction

‘will return True

Or Alternative

‘will return True

xor An alternative with one choice. Returns false only if more than one condition is true

‘will return False

not Negation

‘will return true


Tasks (You can save the result in a comment)

  1. Record any action using all the arithmetic operators at the same time. The result of the activity should be the number 100.


More examples of Excel VBA basics can be found in the Excel VBA Course section and  Excel VBA How To section. If you have any questions about this chapter, you can post them on the forum without logging in.

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