UserForm – Building an application in Excel VBA

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How to build an application in Excel VBA using the UserForm form

In the last part of the course we will deal with the creation of a short application using the form. As in the case of the previous application, we should write down the basic requirements based on which our application will operate::

  • Our goal is to build a simple application for converting net prices into gross and vice versa.
  • The application should have 3 MultiPage tabs with the names Netto on Gross, Gross on Net, About the Program
  • The ComboBox Combo box should be used to choose the VAT rate . You can choose from 5%, 8%, 23%
  • The application should display both the initial price and the result in the TextBox fields
  • The conversion should take place after pressing the CommandButton “Recalculate” button
  • The form should run when opening an Excel file
  • In the “About program” tab, a short description of the application should be inserted

Start writing the program using the UserForm form

At the very beginning, create an Excel file named  Forumularz_userform_kalkulator_brutto_netto.xlsm . The whole should be saved as an Excel workbook with macro support, ie an extension of .xlsm. Enter the VisualBasic Editor , select the UserForm form from the insert tab. In our Project window should appear a new object named UserForm1. We would like our form to run when opening an Excel file. From the objects in the Project window, select the code of the Ten_skortoszyt object . We enter the following code:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
End Sub

To check the operation of our form every time after making changes in it, we should enter the UserForm1 object, and then press the F5 key . At the end, we enter the properties of our form. We edit the Caption field by entering the phrase ” VAT Application “.

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