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VBA For Next Loop

For Next VBA loop – basic information The For Next VBA loop is another loop that we will meet. In the […]

VBA Do While Loop and Do Until Loop

The diagram of Do While Loop The While loop … Wend , which we met in the previous chapter is the simplest loop in […]

VBA While Wend Loop

While Wend loop – introduction The While Wend loop is the simplest in its construction loop available in VBA. If our […]

Excel VBA Loops – Introduction

Introduction to the loops in Excel VBA Loops are the strongest element of programming languages. It is through them that we […]

Excel VBA course - VBA Select CASE Statement

Select CASE statement in Excel VBA

SELECT CASE instruction – introduction Another instruction next to IF THEN ELSE used in the decision making process by our program is […]

Excel VBA course - VBA IF THEN ELSE Statement

IF THEN ELSE statement in Excel VBA

What is the conditional statement If Then Else VBA In the simplest sense, this is the equivalent of the ” If […]

Excel VBA course - Worksheet functions

Worksheet functions in Excel VBA

Worksheet functions – How to use the Excel function in VBA  Have you ever wondered how we can use the […]

Excel VBA course - Creating own function

Creating functions in Excel VBA – User functions

Creating own function defined by user Both Excel and VBA offer us a number of useful functions. But what if we […]

Excel VBA course - VBA date and time functions

Date and time functions in Excel VBA

Description of date and time functions. The VBA date functions as per the name indicate are used to manipulate values […]

Excel VBA course - VBA character functions

VBA character functions

VBA character functions in Excel The Excel VBA offers us a number of useful character functions. We can not compare them […]